14-year-old Ajani Carr

Every day, Will Green, executive director of Mentoring Positives Inc., works to spread the love in the community like his mom, Muriel Pipkins, used to do. Everything he does, he does while thinking about his mother who passed away from breast cancer at the very young age of 46.

“My mom was a fighter. She had me at 14 years old. She did everything by herself. I remember her always being there for me,” Green tells Madison365. “She didn’t always do all the right things. She couldn’t be the man that I wanted in my life. But she tried to do everything to do the best she could for us at that time in our life. I really care for that lady. We spent so much time talking together.

“I’ve always been a person who doesn’t want people to hurt. I’ve always been empathetic. It came from an early age. I take on a