“Lodgic Everyday Leaders: Invest in and Cultivate a Diverse Arts Community with Jenie Gao” will take place Wednesday, July 14, noon.

 Artists are leaders and change-makers who are often called to a higher, social purpose. Many artists become community organizers, educators, and activists. Businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities frequently reach out to artists to build excitement for a particular cause. But social issues and systems are complex, so how do we align intention with impact?

In this fireside chat, Jenie Gao will pull from her writing, research, and work as a full-time artist-entrepreneur, and the path she took to building an anti-gentrification art practice. She will touch on topics including artists’ equity, racial justice and representation, and healthy collaborations and partnerships between artists, communities, and organizations. She will share thoughts on how the business community can move beyond symbolism and work with artists in a way that is responsible, meaningful, and visionary. In this conversation, we will reflect on the question: How do we live like the future we want is already here?