Women in Focus Inc.'s "I Have a Dream" Scholarship winners from 2015

Women In Focus, Inc. will recognize high school students chosen to receive 2017 “I Have a Dream” scholarships on Sunday, April 23, 2-4 p.m. at Madison College, Room D1630.

Scholarship recipients, family members, members of the press, and representatives of organizations whose donations fund the “I Have a Dream” scholarship program will be in attendance at this annual event that continues to grow. Women in Focus will be giving $40,000 out in scholarship money.

Women In Focus, Inc. is a local non-profit dedicated to supporting the education of students of color. Each year, Women In Focus, Inc. (WIF) awards scholarships to deserving college-bound students who have been selected by the WIF Scholarship Review Committee. Proceeds from the organization’s annual “I Have a Dream” Scholarship Banquet and Ball, as well as contributions from supporters, are used in funding the awards.

Written by Madison365 staff