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MADISON, Wis. — More murals on State Street appear to have been defaced.

A handful of murals near the 600 block of State Street saw “Black Lives Matter” crossed out in spray paint recently, replaced with “ALM.” It’s unclear when the changes were made, but a viewer first told News 3 Now about the apparent vandalism Wednesday night.

Last week, several artists spoke out after other murals were defaced and saw their messages changed, like “defund the police” being changed to “defend the police.”

“(I’m) obviously angry a bit,” an artist named Darius told News 3 Now a little more than a week ago. “I felt like this is my expression as well as other peoples’.”

Many of the murals on State Street were commissioned by the City of Madison’s central business improvement district. The city is still developing plans on how to preserve the murals, which were painted on the plywood covering store windows following protests in late May and early June.