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OuttaDeeBox Podcast: Rediscovering Joy in Childbirth – Insights from Influential Doula Uchenna Jones


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What does it mean to bring joy back to childbirth? Join us for an illuminating conversation with Uchenna Jones, recognized as one of Wisconsin’s 51 most influential leaders of 2023. Uchenna’s journey from aspiring doctor to accomplished doula and upcoming midwife is inspiring. With roots deeply embedded in her Nigerian heritage and bolstered by her extensive experience in healthcare, Uchenna discusses the vital role of doulas in labor support, particularly in combating the historical mistreatment of Black women in obstetrics. She passionately advocates for birth as a joyous and sacred rite of passage.

Delve into the harrowing realities faced by birthing individuals, including those shackled in prisons, and the emotional and physical trauma they endure. We discuss the importance of freedom of movement during labor and the detrimental impact of restrictive practices. Through powerful stories, including the births of Tupac and Minister Eugene Smalls, Uchena highlights the profound effect on both mother and child. She emphasizes empowering birthing people to trust their instincts and the transformative role of doulas and nurses in creating positive birth experiences. Personal anecdotes reveal the deep emotional transformations that birth can bring, not just for mothers but for fathers, too.

Uchenna shares her spiritual journey through 22 years of doula work, from the emotional strength of mothers during labor to her transition into nursing, driven by a desire to blend holistic care with medical expertise. As a Black woman in the doula profession, she navigates unique challenges and leverages her Nigerian heritage to enrich her practice. The episode wraps up with a focus on personalized prenatal care and the essential involvement of birth partners, ensuring every birthing experience is supported and joyous. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in the transformative power of birth and the crucial role of compassionate care.

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