I’m a Black woman who loves Wisconsin. That said, with so few Black folks in the state, sometimes I need a little extra dose of Black oxygen. A place where I can breathe, connect, restore by hearing and listening deeply to Black folks in this shared journey of life. This podcast will feature and highlight the Black voices in Wisconsin and a little beyond. I hope that these conversations will lift your spirits and give you a few moments to breathe. Get your candles lit and your incense burning. It’s time for Black Oxygen.

— Angela Russell

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Black Oxygen: Everett Mitchell & Rudy Bankston

In her book, Salvation: Black People and Love, bell hooks says, “Patriarchal thinking certainly does not encourage men to be self-loving. Instead it encourages...

Black Oxygen: Jack E. Daniels III

Dr. Jack Daniels is the President of Madison College. Madison College is a public technical and community colleges based in Madison, WI that serves...

Black Oxygen: Dasha Kelly Hamilton

This week on Black Oxygen we feature Dasha Kelly Hamilton, Poet Laureate for the State of Wisconsin and for the City of Milwaukee. The...