I’m a Black woman who loves Wisconsin. That said, with so few Black folks in the state, sometimes I need a little extra dose of Black oxygen. A place where I can breathe, connect, restore by hearing and listening deeply to Black folks in this shared journey of life. This podcast will feature and highlight the Black voices in Wisconsin and a little beyond. I hope that these conversations will lift your spirits and give you a few moments to breathe. Get your candles lit and your incense burning. It’s time for Black Oxygen.

— Angela Russell

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Black Oxygen: Nada Elmikashfi & Angela Lang

This week on Black Oxygen we feature a conversation with Nada Elmikashfi, Chief of Staff for Rep Francesca Hong and Angela Lang, Executive Director...

Black Oxygen: UW-Stevens Point Chancellor Dr. Thomas Gibson

In January 2021, Dr. Thomas Gibson became the 15th Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and its first ever Chancellor of...

Black Oxygen: Nada Elmikashfi on boundaries, power and belonging

Born in Sudan, Nada Elmikasfhi has been working to adopt Wisconsin as her home since 2002. She is deeply guided by James Baldwin’s quote,...