12 on Tuesday: Howard Moore


    Recruited by Steve Yoder to the Badgers in 1990, Chicago native Howard Moore played forward for the Badger basketball team and went on to a career in coaching, including five years as an assistant to Bo Ryan at Wisconsin. He was an analyst at the Big Ten Network, live on the air the night Ryan announced his retirement; new head coach Greg Gard called the next day, and Moore finished the season as an assistant to Gard, helping guide the Badgers to a surprising run to the Sweet Sixteen.

    Rank your top five MCs. 1. Rakim 2. Big Daddy Kane 3. Biggie Smalls 4. KRS-O.N.E. 5. Ice Cube

    Which motivates you more: doubters or supporters? Supporters.  Because I am motivated by positive energy not negative energy.  I never want to let people in my corner and counting on me down.  Never mind the people who are against me.

    What does it mean to be black in Madison? I feel a sense of responsibility as a black Madisonian.  To represent a positive image and be a role model as a father, husband, and coach. But just as importantly of how a man should carry himself.

    What three leaders in Madison under 50 have impressed you the most? Greg Gard- UW Head Men’s Basketball Coach; Wesley Sparkman- Dane County Office of Equity and Inclusion; Michael Johnson- President & CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Dane County

    What’s the biggest stumbling block in  to turning the corner on our racial disparities? Coming to a common cause that can galvanize the city.  There are so many different issues and circumstances that effect us all differently.  To find a common cause that can help with the disparities is difficult but definitely not impossible.  It all begins with respect and caring.

    What are your top three priorities at this point in your life? The top three priorities for me at this point are:

    1. My faith
    2. My family
    3. My health

    How did you get the nickname Duck? I got my nickname “Duck” from the 1986 movie Howard the Duck.  I was a freshman in high school when the movie came out and my friends started with teasing, and then it just stuck as a nickname.

    Why did you start Legends of Chicago? The Legends Taking Back the Streets initiative was created as a response to the violence plaguing the city of Chicago and nearby areas.  So myself and some friends of mine got together all of the ‘legends’ of Chicago’s storied past to stand up as mentors and leaders in our communities and take back our communities and help our youth.  So we use basketball as the driving force to get us all together but the goal is to come together in unity with solutions and ideas to save our streets and our youth from violence.

    What are five things that have changed about college basketball since your time playing at the badgers? The top 5 things that have changed in college basketball since I played for the Badgers:

    1. The influence of AAU basketball
    2. The influence of European/FIBA basketball
    3. The influence of shoe companies in college recruiting
    4. The entitlement of today’s athlete
    5. The number of transfers every off season

    What’s your favorite thing about being married? My favorite thing about being married is having my best friend by my side through both good and bad times but knowing that my wife has my back through it all!

    Who are the top five Big Ten Mens basketball teams of all time? My top five Big Ten Teams of all time are:

    1.      1976 Indiana Hoosiers
    2.      1989 Fighting Illini
    3.      2015 Wisconsin Badgers
    4.      1994 Wisconsin Badgers
    5.      1989 Michigan Wolverines

    What is the biggest difference from between playing in the Kohl Center vs the Fieldhouse? The biggest difference between playing in the Kohl and playing in the Fieldgouse is the crowd in the Fieldhouse was louder, crazier, and hungrier!  No disrespect, but the Bleacher Creatures were crazier than the Grateful Red.