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2024 UW–Madison Global Health Symposium to highlight Migration in the Americas project April 10

(Photo: Migration in the Americas Project)

Three University of Wisconsin–Madison scholars, some of the nation’s leading experts on the health risks facing migrants in the Americas, will be participating in the UW–Madison Global Health Institute’s 2024 Global Health Symposium on April 10.

UW–Madison professors, Sara McKinnon (communication arts), Erin Barbato (law), and Jorge Osorio (pathobiological sciences), are leading a multidisciplinary research project aimed at understanding the risks that face people as they move through fieldwork with migrants, legal clinics, and humanitarian organizations in migration hot spots like the Darién Gap of Colombia and Panama and the northern parts of Mexico.

Dr. Jorge Osorio
(Photo: UW-Madison)

McKinnon and Barbato will give the symposium’s keynote talk at 6:25 p.m. about their project, “Migration in the Americas.” 

“Their policy and research collective also focuses on assessing migration policy, gathering and evaluating health data to understand the flow and emergence of infectious diseases, and developing ways to reduce risk and harm to make movement and residence safer for migrants throughout the Western Hemisphere,” UW-Madison News said in a press release announcing the event. “The team’s goal is to develop interventions to help migrants make informed decisions about the journey based on their health, identities and the likelihood of receiving asylum or other immigration benefits in the U.S. and other countries in the Americas. These could include health screenings and checkups, legal consultations and targeted communication campaigns.”

The 2024 Global Health Symposium, “Moving Global Health Forward,” will be held April 10, at the Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Avenue. The co-hosts of the event will be Global Health Institute (GHI) and Office of Global Health in the School of Medicine and Public Health. For more information, click here.