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365 Amplified: Why does Madison attract race fraud and pretendians?

Welcome to 365 Amplified! Today, hosts Stephanie Díaz de León and Rob Chappell welcome Jenny Fierro and Rodlyn-mae Banting, who wrote a deep dive on three cases of race fraud in Madison – Jessica Kreug, CV Vitolo-Hadad and Kay LeClaire – their lasting impacts and why this kind of thing is so prevalent in this white liberal city. Next, Rob heads to the Mitby Theater to talk with Nobleman Theater Troupe founder Denzel Taylor, who’s bringing “The Meeting” to Madison College for Black History Month. Finally, we gather the 365 reporting team to talk through what we’re leaving behind in 2023 and what we’re bringing into 2024.

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Jenny and Rodlyn-mae’s piece in Tone Madison: https://tonemadison.com/articles/why-is-madison-a-hub-for-race-fraud/

Rob’s original story on Kay LeClaire: https://madison365.com/indigenous-arts-leader-activist-revealed-as-white/

And the follow-up: https://madison365.com/indigenous-community-looks-to-heal-weeks-after-a-pretendian-is-exposed/

The story Isaac mentioned toward the end: https://www.reddit.com/r/wisconsin/comments/194aoc9/cedarburg_mayor_changes_mlk_proclamation_to/

Free tickets for “The Meeting:” https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?ticketing=mitby

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