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365 Media, Black Lens partner to present films during Wisconsin Leadership Summit


The Wisconsin Leadership Summit, taking place next week, will feature four films — one each of the first four evenings of the event  — that were also shown during the Minority Health Film Festival last month.

The films are sponsored by Black Lens, a program of Milwaukee Film, which recently produced the second annual Minority Health Film Festival. Madison365 was the media partner of the festival.

“The Minority Health Film Festival was an impressive event and we were proud to partner with Black Lens and Milwaukee Film to help make it successful,” said Henry Sanders, CEO of 365 Media, the nonprofit organization that publishes Madison365 and produces the Wisconsin Leadership Summit. “We’re also proud to continue the partnership and highlight some of those films made by people of color, focused on issues important to our communities. Bringing those issues to light with authenticity is what this Summit has always been about.”

Each film will be shown through the online Summit platform at 5 pm, just after the conclusion of each day’s final session. The following films are scheduled:

Monday, October 5: The Ugly Model

Korean American adoptee and fitness model Kevin Kreider has spent his whole career trying to answer the question, “Can Asian men be sexy?” The Ugly Model examines the paradox of a handsome male model who feels ashamed, ugly, and emasculated in America because of his Asian ethnicity.

Tuesday, October 6: Sisters Rising

Native American survivors of sexual assault fight for tribal sovereignty in order to end the rape of Indigenous women against the backdrop of an ongoing legacy of violent colonization.

Wednesday, October 7: The First Rainbow Coalition

In 1969, the Chicago Black Panther Party, notably led by the charismatic Fred Hampton, began to form alliances across lines of race and ethnicity with other community-based movements in the city, including the Latino group the Young Lords Organization and the working-class young southern whites of the Young Patriots. Finding common ground, these disparate groups banded together in one of the most segregated cities in postwar America to collectively confront police brutality and substandard housing, calling themselves the Rainbow Coalition.

Thursday, October 8: Through the Night

The need for multiple jobs to make ends meet has become a common reality for many families in this country, which leads to a fundamental question: Who looks after the children while their parents work? Filmmaker Loira Limbal examines the economic and emotional toll affecting some American families, told through the lens of a 24-hour daycare center in Westchester, New York.

Registration for the Wisconsin Leadership Summit is $79 for the full week. It is $49 for nonprofit and government employees and $20 for students. Click here to register now.