Aaron Rodgers just doing Aaron Rodgers things. (Photo: Green Bay Packers Facebook)

After the sadness of learning that Green Bay had cut punter Tim Masthay, I really needed some good Packers news to cheer me up, especially with the regular season only a week away and the inevitable beating up of the Bears not scheduled until mid-October.

Well, Aaron Rodgers provided that good news, and in a way that only he can: by wearing a full cowboy outfit and showing off his outstanding mustache for the team’s annual “Welcome Back Luncheon” at Lambeau Field on Wednesday. His attire included big boots, big belt, big hat, an embroidered blue shirt and a classic bolo tie. No word on the reaction of Chargers quarterback and acclaimed bolo tie-wearer Phillip Rivers. Having just returned from Montana this week, I briefly thought I was still in an Old West ghost town tourist trap.

It’s become a yearly tradition for Rodgers to show up in an absurd costume to the event, which is hosted by the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. Last season, he sported a U.S. Navy Blue Angels suit, with helmet and mask, and before that he’s rocked an American Bro look (below) and other Western variations.
But, contrary to Shakespeare’s opinion, clothes don’t make the man. Mustaches do. (Legendary mustachioed writer Mark Twain – “Clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence on society” – was half-right.) And Rodgers’ looked tremendous.

The Cowboy getup suggests Rodgers wants to be a gunslinger, but the ‘stache says, “I’m in control.” Either way, he’s probably throwing 50 touchdowns this season. Let’s just hope the latter, groomed and trimmed, keeps him from tossing a Favreian 29 picks.