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As it celebrates 75th anniversary, Catholic Multicultural Center hosts 10th annual Radiothon fundraiser with La Movida Radio


The Catholic Multicultural Center and La Movida Radio will host the 10th annual Radiothon on Friday, Dec. 10, noon-7 p.m., which will raise funds for the non-profit on Madison’s south side that serves the community with free daily community meals, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, food and personal hygiene pantries, employment search assistance, and more.

“This year is more special than ever because it is the 10th anniversary and also because with the pandemic, there is a huge need,” said Lupita Montoto, co-owner of La Movida Radio, in a statement. “Many people are struggling with employment or even losing a loved one to COVID-19. Having the opportunity to celebrate, even during this hard time, is so important.”

This year marks the 75th anniversary of St. Martin House, which would later become the Catholic Multicultural Center. The center, which serves a large population of newly arrived immigrants, was the first place that Lupita and Luis Montoto, co-owners of La Movida Radio, went to when they first came to Wisconsin from Mexico and southern Texas, respectively. To honor the organization that first helped them and has helped thousands since, the Montotos host the Radiothon every year in December.

“Through all the years of collaborating with CMC for the Radiothon, we [at La Movida] have been able to help thousands of people in need. We want to continue doing this, we want to keep seeing more families become successful because of the help they received at the CMC,” said Lupita Montoto. “We hope that this year many more organizations and community members can be a part of this so that the CMC can keep providing services when they are needed most.”

This year’s Radiothon will take place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bishop Donald Hying will celebrate mass in Spanish and the Radiothon will also honor Msgr. Ken Fielder, the beloved leader of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish and the CMC who passed away this past August. There will also be virtual performances by Ballet Folklorico de Carlos y Sonia Avila, Angela Puerta, Clare Norelle, and Sandra Rybachek.

For more information about the CMC/La Movida Annual Radiothon, click here.