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As PHMDC updates backlog of 17,000 negative tests, County grows by 47 new cases today

Dane County confirmed 47 new coronavirus cases today as Public Health of Madison and Dane County updated their data dashboard late yesterday afternoon to include the backlog of an estimated 17,000 negative tests to their overall data. Though the number of positive cases per day is not impacted by this update, Dane County’s percentage of positives is significantly updated and adjusted. With those negative tests added, Public Health of Madison and Dane County reported a percentage of positive for the last seven days of2.1 percent. The breakdown for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

From the 47 cases identified Saturday, the only group to experience double digits are those in their 20s with 13 new cases. Those in their 50s grew by nine, while those in their 40s grew by eight and those aged between 10-19 grew by six. There were also added cases for those in their 60s with four more cases, three for those in their 70s and one for those in their 80s.

Dane County reported no new deaths, which keeps the total death toll in the county at 33, and total hospitalizations for the county for COVID-19 grew to 269. Current hospitalizations,  however, dropped from 33 yesterday to 29 now currently hospitalized for COVID related illness. Of the 29 hospitalized, eight are currently in the ICU which is down for yesterday’s nine.

Of the 63 new cases reported today, nine, or 19.15 percent of all new cases, are attributed to those identify as Hispanic or Latinx. They now make up 15.17 percent of all COVID-19 related cases in the County while only making up six percent of the population. There were also four, or 8.51 percent of all new cases, attributed to those who identify as Black. They now make up 12.63 percent of all cases while only making up six percent of the population in Dane County. There were also four more cases for those who identify as Asian or 8.51percent of all new cases. They make up 3.84 of all cornarvirus cases in Dane County and about five percent of the population.

Yesterday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County also reported their weekly breakdown of cases. With 358 more positive cases reported for the week of July 17- July 23, contact tracers were able to interview 208, or 58% of all reported positives for the week, and found that 94 (or 45 percent of those interviewed) attended a gathering, party or meeting with people from their outside home. Of those 94, 16 were tied to the following clusters – 7 from work places, 2 from bars/restaurants,  from childcare, 2 from college-age housing, and 4 from congregate facilities.

Earlier this week, Madison365 updated our interactive Dane County Coronavirus Map with dates ranging from June 22 – July 21. The map will be updated weekly.

We will have an update of today’s statewide numbers later this afternoon.