Bayview Foundation Inc., located within the heart of Madison’s historic Greenbush Neighborhood, is in the path of rising waters and flood danger today and tomorrow and they are looking for the communities help needing, at minimum, 500 sandbags delivered to the center as soon as possible.

“We are looking for as many volunteers as possible,” Diane Eddings, housing manager for the Bayview Foundation, tells Madison365. “We don’t really know when or how much water is going to come. Right now, we’re waiting on a City of Madison engineer person. We’re trying to be as proactive as possible. We’re trying to get as much as we can done by the end of the day.”

Bayview Foundation Inc. is a low-income housing unit and community center that supports its culturally diverse families in realizing their aspirations by providing affordable housing, fostering cultural pride, and building community through the arts, education, and recreation.

“We would love to have a pick-up truck of some sort to help pick up the sandbags from Brittingham Park over to Bayview,” Eddings says. “We do need sandbagging around our community center and we do need sandbags in each of the units because we’re going to be going inside each of the units and sandbagging in the basement.”

Bags can be picked up from Brittingham Park or Brittingham Boats. Eddings says that people should check in at the front office at Bayview. “We want to make sure we capture people’s names because we want to thank them,” she says. “We will have snacks here for everybody. Whatever anybody is able to do – even for a half hour – we would love it.”

For more information or for questions contact Diane Eddings, e-mail [email protected] or 608-577-6383