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Black Oxygen LIVE at the Milwaukee Film Festival


For all of February, Black Lens, of Milwaukee Film, is offering films and events that amplify and honor the Black voice. This week’s episode of Black Oxygen features a panel conversation on Black Love and a Black Woman’s worth that was held as a part of the Black Lens February programming.

This panel features:

  • Winter Dunn, the Director and Producer of the film Junebug
  • Sabrina Madison, the Founder and Executive Director of the Progress Center for Black Women
  • Genia Stevens – Executive Director of Jumpstart Rock County
  • Dasha Kelly Hamilton – Wisconsin’s State Poet Laureate
  • Krystal Hardy – a Make-Up Artist based Milwaukee

This panel conversation was powerful and we covered many topics including Black women’s relationships with their fathers, pushing beyond the stated narrative of what it means to be Black, knowing your worth as a Black woman, love and so much more. Towards the end of our conversation, Dasha Kelly Hamilton says, “love is a release.” Love is indeed a release – in this season of love – I hope that each of you can love yourself and radiate love to each other.

After listening to this episode, please be sure to check out the films being featured this month by Black Lens. They are featuring 30 films all by Black film makers.

For more information please visit: mkefilm.org/bhm

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