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Centro Hispano’s Becas Awards Luncheon will provide Latinx youth scholarships for higher education


Centro Hispano of Dane County will host its annual Becas Awards Luncheon on Saturday, June 24, at Madison College Truax Campus where the non-profit organization will award six $4,500 scholarships to high school seniors, four $10,000 scholarships to college students, and will continue to support one graduate student with a $20,000 annual commitment.

Centro Hispano of Dane County is a non-profit organization serving Dane County’s Latinx community, dedicated to empowering youth, strengthening families and engaging the community. Centro’s vision is for a “thriving community where Latinx families can aspire upward, to reach their personal goals and dreams, because they feel engaged and strengthened with the tools for success.”

The Becas Program, an integral part of Centro Hispano’s mission, aims to alleviate financial barriers faced by Latinx students in the pursuit of their dreams.

“Centro Hispano recognizes the immense potential and talent within the Latinx community. The agency is dedicated to ensuring Latinx students have access to the resources they need to succeed in higher education,” Centro Hispano said in a press release. “The Becas Program is a manifestation of our organization’s commitment to equity, inclusion and empowerment. With the support of Centro’s Becas (Scholarships) Committee, we are pleased to once again make a significant impact this year.”

Centro’s Becas recipients display strong leadership potential, Centro community involvement, and financial need, according to a press release from Centro, and the scholarships not only provide crucial financial assistance but also serve as a vote of confidence from the community that seeds a sense of ambition and fosters a sense of belonging for the next generation. 

For more information about Centro and the Becas program, click here. To learn more about the Becas Program or to contribute to this vital initiative, contact Karime Pérez at [email protected]