Academy SponsorsFame can truly change people. In this era of new famous pop stars, are they now being more pampered than before? They don’t grow up under the rough struggles and moody impressions like regular kids. Most have the attention other children dream every day and night about. On the other hand, they grow up live on tv, and have to remember every single part of the script without mistakes being made. With the knowledge that  someone is making money off them, it may be hard to take .

For example, remember Macaulay Culkin, loved by all in the movies Home Alone, Richie Rich, The Good Son, and The Pagemaster.  The young actor started acting when he was just four. He grew up around people with good intentions for him. Even though the people he worked with loved him, we can’t say that his life was perfect growing up. His parents divorced and fought for custody over the young actor. Each also surely had an eye on his $11 million of hard earned money, but he found a way to keep their hands off it.

Soon enough the media had started getting into his business, which led to the further problems in his family household. He also attended Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial, standing by Michael’s side and continuing to support the famous singer. Culkin even starred in Jackson’s hit video, “Black or White.”

Stars have public breakdowns that are later on posted on social media for the whole world to see. Having the world know every single thing you do in the tiniest detail must be very stressful. You can’t live freely like you want without being criticized. You can’t be a kid, but instead become a role model for other kids, which puts limits on what you’re able to do.

Being famous at a very young age definitely has very amazing perks to it as well. In fact some might say child stars are either spoiled, bratty or straight spoon fed. Even if those accusations are true, it’s not all is their fault. Some are born famous, the children of famous parents, while others are sent to auditions by their parents and get a career from there.

Child stars run into many of the same issues that all of us experience. Skai Jackson, a former young female actress and model who is  known worldwide as “Zuri Ross” in the new Disney channel show Jessie. She also played the voice of the “little fish” in the kindergarten show Bubble Guppies and made a brief but memorable appearance in GI Joe: Retaliation.

The young star got into Twitter fight with the singer/part-time rapper Azealia Banks. Their online feud was simply ridiculous but Skai Jackson put Azealia Banks in her place. Jackson was bullied, just like anyone else could be. But no matter who you are, whether you’re famous or now, it’s your parents who should be teaching you to hold your  ground and not the world. Society changes for better or worse and so do people, famous or not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              .