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City Gets Two Updated Responses to the Judge Doyle Square Request for Proposals


The City of Madison received two updated responses to its Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to develop Judge Doyle Square.

The project will be located on a two-block area in downtown Madison encompassing Block 88, behind the Madison Municipal Building, and across South Pinckney Street on Block 105, the current site of City’s Government East parking garage. The project will unite the vibrant Capitol Square and the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center with a significant mixed-use development opportunity potentially comprised of commercial, hotel, residential, retail and restaurant uses combined with parking and bicycle facilities, including the replacement of the Government East public parking ramp.

Beitler Real Estate Services Joint Venture and Vermilion Enterprises, LLC, both of Chicago, resubmitted proposals and confirmed they are still interested in the development.

◆ Beitler proposed to build a 621 stall parking garage to replace the Government East public parking ramp and 31,000 square feet of retail, food court, commercial and bicycle center on Block 88. A 252-room hotel, plus a 210-unit apartment building with 306 parking stalls to serve both uses is proposed for Block 105. The total project cost is estimated at $126.0 million. Of that amount, $26.0 million would be the City’s responsibility to replace the Government East public parking ramp and create the retail/commercial space on Block 88.

The developer is not seeking any City financial assistance for the Block 105 components.

◆ Vermilion Enterprises, LLC of Chicago, IL proposed a 279-room Marriott hotel on Block 88 with ancillary restaurant and retail facilities. The proposal includes a 125-unit apartment building and a
94,000 square foot office facility with an additional 13,000 square feet of retail and bicycle facilities on Block 105.

A total of 1108 parking stalls, including 639 stalls to replace the Government East public parking ramp, are proposed for Blocks 88 and 105. The estimated total cost of the project is $199.0 million. Public financing for the parking is estimated at $49.0 million and no City financial assistance is proposed for the other components of the project.

The Madison Common Council further directed that the City Negotiating Team complete an initial review of all revised proposals and meet with the Board of Estimates and Common Council to obtain direction for future actions by the end of February.