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Dane County reports 142 new cases as WDSS system goes offline through 10/19


Late yesterday afternoon, Public Health of Madison and Dane County confirmed 142 new coronavirus cases as the Wisconsin Disease Surveillance System has gone offline for an upgrade through October 19. This upgrade impacts PHMDC’s Data Dashboard and as such, no more data will be available until October 20 for Dane County or any county in Wisconsin. Though the dashboard reports a total of 12,340 yesterday afternoon, numbers for confirmed cases by age, race and ethnicity all add up to 12,375  – which is an increase of 142 cases from Friday morning’s 12,233. Currently, there are 10,502 recovered cases as active cases slipped slightly to 1,827.

The number of people currently hospitalized in Dane County dropped to 61 total people hospitalized in Dane County for COVID-19. This number includes people who live in and outside of Dane County. Of those 61, 16 are in the ICU. The number of Dane County residents ever hospitalized remained at 449 this morning.

Cases for October 15 have increased from 136 to 242 after yesterday’s late afternoon update. The rest of have yet to be attributed to a particular day’s testing. September 9 continues to hold the record for a single day increase with 487 positive cases attributed to that day.

Adults in their 20s had the most cases with a total of 32 new cases while adults in their 30s grew by 26. Those aged 10-19 grew by 19 additional cases as adults in their 50s grew by 17, followed by adults in their 60s by 16. Children aged 0-9 and adults in their 40s both grew by 13 while adults in their 70s grew by four and adults in their 80s by two.

Adults in their 60s continue to see the most growth for the past to weeks with 46.1 percent, followed by those in their 70s with 35.4 percent and children aged 0-9 with 34.5 percent.

Dane County’s seven-day average for cases is now at 164.5 while the 14-day average is now 141.7 cases per day. The Forward Dane reopening plan required that the daily new case average fall below 20 before moving to the next phase.

The most updated data on positive test percentage for a single day is for October 15, which is 4.8 percent, while the positive test percentage for October 14 has increased to 4.3 percent. The positive percentage for October 13 has been updated to 5.1 percent and October 12 has increased to 5.5 percent. Madison365 expects that these numbers will be adjusted as more negative and positive tests are fully processed and attributed to the appropriate dates in the coming days. The break down for each day can be found on Public Health of Madison and Dane County’s Dashboard.

According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s data dashboard, as of 2 pm yesterday, Public Health of Madison and Dane County and UW testing had confirmed 16 students and 4 UW employee from campus testing plus 1 student testing positive from off campus testing. This increases the total number of positive cases to 3219 for UW with 3088 students and 131 employees.

According to UW’s data dashboard, they have attributed all 21 positive tests to October 15. UW attributes positive tests to the date results are received and not on the date a test was taken. PHMDC attributes results to the day a test was taken.

The seven-day average of UW-related cases per day is at 17.1 cases per day. The seven-day percentage of positives for students on campus is at 1.1 percent.

Madison365 has updated our weekly map for COVID-19 cases within our county tracts this morning.

We will have an update of what is available from the state with whatever data is available as the Wisconsin Disease Surveillance System is going through an upgrade.