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End Time Ministries provides Christmas meals to families with almost 300 Holiday Gift Bags


Cars were lined up around the block on the morning of Dec. 21 at End Time Ministries International on Madison’s west side as families prepared to receive a Christmas Holiday Gift Bag consisting of frozen turkey and ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn, carrots, onions and potatoes.

“We understand that there are many families under duress and experiencing financial difficulties right now and are unable to have so many of the trimmings and luxuries of Christmas past,” Godfrey Stubbs, senior pastor of End Times Ministries, tells Madison365. “The economic impact this coronavirus pandemic has had on families has been devastating. We saw cars lined up bumper to bumper in our parking lot and around the block to thank God and us for having this wonderful event.”

Volunteers and members of End Time Ministries assembled hundreds of Christmas Holiday Gift Bags and distributed them all day long on Dec. 21, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. The effort was a partnership between End Time Ministries, Warming Hands Residential Services LLC and Families Back To The Table. There was also a special treat and surprise for the children — Santa Claus spent a good part of the afternoon at End Times Ministries taking pictures with the children and presenting them with gift cards.

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Godfrey Stubbs (far left), senior pastor of End Times Ministries, with Madison Mavericks Basketball Coach Roy Boone (second from left) and members of the Mavericks team

The Madison Mavericks Basketball Coach Roy Boone and members of his team were also on hand to pass out Christmas Holiday Gift Bags while wearing their Madison Mavericks gear.

“The Bible shows us that Jesus didn’t just want to feed people’s souls — He actually fed people’s stomachs, as well,” Stubbs says. “If a Christmas meal would be a blessing to you and to your family, then we needed to provide that for our community. God always provides and we at End Times Ministries are servants of the Lord. We are here to help those who need support in times like these. We are blessed to be a blessing.”

End Time Ministries had plenty of macaroni and cheese, green beans, corn, carrots, onions and potatoes on hand to distribute to community members Dec. 21.

All told, End Time Ministries, located at 15 Ellis Potter Court, distributed over 275 Christmas Holiday Gift Bags.

“It was exciting to see families bring their children to take pictures with Santa Claus and receive a gift card. The gift cards were intended to help parents with the Christmas holiday gift purchases and necessities,” Stubbs said. “People were so very grateful. You could see the look of gratitude and thankfulness on their faces.”

Christmas Holiday Gift Bags

For the past two years, End Time Ministries has held community outreach events like this right before both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

“Since the pandemic began, we saw so many people struggling financially as their workplaces closed and their jobs either put on hold or completely ended. We knew we had to do something,” Stubbs said. “The need of the people was obvious as the lines grew at each event more and more. As followers of Jesus Christ, we welcome anyone that would like to participate in donating to End Time Ministries International so that we may continue our discipleship to share, show, teach and serve God’s people.”