Forward Madison FC will return to practice for the first time in over two months Wednesday, kicking off small-group training sessions at Breese Stevens Field. The Flamingos’ resumption of soccer activities comes as Dane County moves into phase one of its reopening plan.

According to Head Coach & Technical Director Daryl Shore, the team will retain strict sanitation and social distancing measures throughout its return.

“While the guys are all looking forward to playing again, we understand that we’re not out of the woods yet,” Shore said in a statement. “We’re taking all the proper precautions that the health department in Dane County is recommending and we’re going above and beyond to retain social safety measures.”

According to a press release from the team, Forward Madison’s health and safety precautions will include: limiting sessions to small groups at a time; taking players’ temperatures before they leave home and when they arrive at the stadium; setting up mandatory handwashing stations; changing at home instead of in the locker room; and wearing a mask upon arrival at the stadium.

As the Flamingos return to the pitch, its league, USL League One, is continuing to assess options for the safe resumption of play in 2020.