Home Madison Forward Madison’s Jovan Chavez to serve on USL Impact Committee

Forward Madison’s Jovan Chavez to serve on USL Impact Committee


Jovan Chavez, Forward Madison FC’s Latino Outreach Manager & Senior Ticket Sales Representative, will serve on the newly-formed USL Impact Committee, the club announced Wednesday.

Working in collaboration with USL HQ, the group will serve as an advisory board to both the league office and its clubs, working to identify issues, provide recommendations on how to better address areas of social impact and use soccer as a force for good, Forward Madison said.

The USL Impact Committee was created this past November when each club in the Championship and League One was given the opportunity to put forward a nominee.  A group of eight representatives – four from the USL Championship, two from USL League One, one USL HQ staff member and one nominee appointed by USL HQ – was selected to serve on the Committee.  

“We are fortunate to have such a talented, passionate group of individuals who are willing to dedicate their time and energy towards making our league a more thoughtful and compassionate place,” said USL President Jake Edwards in a statement. “We look forward to getting to work.”

Each USL Impact Committee member will serve a minimum two-year term.