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‘Genealogy” will take place at Broom Street Theater starting this Friday, Nov. 5.

Broom Street Theater and Knowledge Workings present a new play by T.J. Elliott and Joe Queenan. The playwriting team’s third and latest effort, “Genealogy,” explores how a shocking ancestral connection revealed during the taping of a reality podcast which incites a series of surprising negotiations and unanticipated antics among its participants.
The host of “Chasing the Dead” is Glenn Weber, a former “influencer” and erstwhile MTV emcee who attempts to finesse his guests – two high-profile, straight married couples, one black and one white – while wrestling with the demands of unseen supervisors in the Control Room.

When Mosiah Wilson, a former all-star pro football player and his wife, professor and activist Aaliyah Levin-Wilson, meet home-maker and former prosecutor, ‘Muggs’ Moriarty Hunt and her husband, Hamilton Hunt, a high-profile lawyer whose presumably illustrious family tree is under scrutiny, a power struggle ensues. Individual allegiances seem to sway and shift over culpability for the legacy of slavery and the debate over reparations.