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GoFundMe raising money for funeral service of children who died in tragic Middleton homicide

Major and Mya Lacey Robinson   (Photo supplied.)

A GoFundMe account has been started to help pay for funeral expenses for the two children, Mya Lacey Robison and Major Lacey Robinson, who died in a tragic Middleton homicide on Feb. 18.

“Mya Lacey Robison and Major Lacey Robinson were vibrant souls full of laughter, curiosity, and boundless potential. Their lives were cut short in this devastating incident,” the GoFundMe states. “No words can adequately express the pain and heartache the family and friends are experiencing. We have established this GoFundMe campaign to assist families during this difficult time financially.”

The funds raised from the GoFundMe will go towards funeral expenses, counseling services to help the families cope with their grief, and any other needs they may have as they navigate this tragic loss. Major and Mya were killed by their 34-year-old mother, who then took her own life in their Middleton home.

Mya Lacey Robison
(Photo supplied.)

Boys and Girls Club CEO Michael Johnson and the City of Middleton have helped to set up the GoFundMe at the request of family members, and are working behind the scenes to help the family and the community in a variety of different ways.

“The family had reached out to me and was asking for help. I met with aunts from both sides of the family and worked with the City [of Middleton] to set up the GoFundMe page and walk the family through that along with making arrangements with the family to coordinate the funeral for the babies,” Johnson tells Madison365.

“We really are needing the public to help out with the expenses for the babies’ funerals and we are working with Rev. [Jeffrey] Jackson as well as with the kids at the school that they went to. Some kids are really traumatized by what happened.”

The 8-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy attended Sauk Trail Elementary School in Middleton.

Major Lacey Robinson
(Photo supplied.)

A vigil was held on Saturday in Middleton.at Lakeview Park at the corner of Allen Boulevard and Maywood Avenue, near where the murders occurred.

At the vigil, Middleton District 5 Alder Rev. Jeffrey Jackson said that Mya was a beautiful child “with a smile and laugh that could melt your heart. “Major was a beautiful child who was a proud brother. He loved to help his sister and was so excited to be at the same school as a kindergartener.,” he said.

“I called this prayer vigil and I told the mayor because Middleton needed to be hugged,” Jackson added. “The family needed a hug. The residents needed a hug. We just needed a hug … that’s all I want to do.”

Johnson also spoke at the vigil and read a statement on behalf of the family mentioning that they wanted to thank the greater Middleton community for “their expression of sympathy and kindness including their thoughts and prayers bestowed upon their family.”

So far, the GoFundMe for the children has raised $13,000 of its $25,000 goal.

“I’ve been getting messages and emails from people who have been saying some really amazing things about these babies. I am just here to support the family and the father who is in the hospital right now,” Johnson says, speaking of the children’s 31-year-old father who was shot as he exited the apartment. “I want to help the city of Middleton to support our kids in that community and our first priority is to work with Foster Funeral Home and start the process to plan the funeral.

“This really hurts,” Johnson adds. “A lot of us have kids and nephews and nieces that age. It’s very tough.”