Good News, White Men: Milo Yiannopoulos Has a Scholarship Just For You


    Self-proclaimed internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been banned from Twitter for racist comments and whose very presence set off violent protests at UC-Berkeley, is now accepting applications for The Privilege Grant, a $2,500 scholarship for available for white men only.

    The grant’s website offers very little information, other than “The Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant is exclusively available to white men who wish to pursue their post-secondary education on equal footing with their female, queer and ethnic minority classmates.”

    The application requires an essay for 300 words or less and a 60-90 second video of the applicant describing how his education will help him improve America.

    The grant’s website does not indicate how many scholarships will be awarded.

    “Affirmative action for white men is not social repair. Affirmative action for white men is a stunt to mock the moral and social importance of integration and to increase social strife,” UC-Berkeley law professor Ian Haney Lopez told CNBC.

    Yiannopoulos started fundraising for the scholarship in early 2016, but applications just opened Tuesday.