Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Last week, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a full-fledged DINO (Democrat in name only), had a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in New York. Like Trump, DINO Sheriff Clarke has never been honest with his constituents and hasn’t performed his job adequately, and need not be promoted to handle more territory!

While the DINO Sheriff was traveling the nation stumping for Trump, he was being paid by taxpayers to protect out county and the people in the jail. Clearly, he has failed miserably at his job, based on the lawsuit against the department because of the inhumane treatment of inmates and the overcrowding the DINO was ordered to change by the court.

If that was not enough, the multiple deaths that have happen under his tenure should disqualify him for sure!

The DINO Sheriff has never participated as a Democrat, and decided it was better to lie to the people to get elected than admit who he is and what he is! Now, after failing Milwaukee County, he wants a job in the soon-to-be president’s administration. It must be a joke, and for clarity, it’s not funny.

If the DINO Sheriff’s failure to perform his job, and the death of our residents including a newborn born in the jail he runs, his rhetoric surely should disqualify him from both his present and future jobs in the public sector. The DINO Sheriff is the same man who compared Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan, said police brutality ended in the ’60s and who claimed black people sell drugs because they’re “uneducated, lazy, and morally bankrupt.”

Lastly, the DINO’s call for violence in our streets a few days before the November election with his tweet it’s “pitchforks and torches time” was beyond disgraceful. His actions and words reflect a lack of dignity and respect for the people he was elected to protect and his blatant promotion of hate actions and bigotry is just inconsistent with heading or being a part of Homeland Security.

Although his type of hate speech got President-elect Trump’s supporters excited and Trump elected since he spent much of the summer and fall campaigning for Trump, it’s not acceptable for America nor any of her elected leaders. When President-elect Trump is done sifting through resumes, he should put the DINO Clarke’s in the circular filing cabinet – the garbage.

That’s right. Our Sheriff is all hat and no cattle. He has said awful things and has dangerous views, but he’s also dangerously unfit for the job. Four people have died in his care including a newborn. How can anyone trust him with protecting 300 million Americans? Even if he isn’t named a cabinet secretary, President-elect Trump is expected to reward Sheriff Clarke with some sort of position in his administration. As of this writing, a decision has yet to be made but the ramifications of this decision could very well end in a new sheriff in town.