‘He always had plans to change the world’: Friend shares memories of Shay Watson, homicide victim

    Credit: TKO PHOTO ARTS

    MADISON, Wis. – Verona High School senior Aubrey Dawkins wants his longtime friend, Shay Watson, to be remembered as he and his friends knew him – a young man who was quick to laugh and was ready to take on the world.

    Fitchburg police are investigating the homicide of Watson Sunday night.

    Dawkins considered Watson a brother. He said ever since second-grade, he and Watson have been friends, playing football together and hanging out almost every day after school growing up.

    He won’t forget the time Watson won the spelling bee in elementary school, or how he loved tagging along on summer trips to the country.

    Dawkins said he hopes Watson is remembered as the guy who loved his job working with kids at a day care and who wanted to grow up and get a higher education so he could come back and help his community.

    “He always had plans to change the world,” Dawkins said. “When I think about Shay, I always remember his smile. Anytime you see him, he’s always smiling, laughing about something. He’s always making jokes. He’s a great guy to have around. He just lights up the room.”

    Watson played football both for Madison West High School and most recently Verona. Dawkins said Watson had planned to attend Madison West again this year.