(L-r) Fabu, Sherry Lucille and Catrina Sparkman (Photo by Hedi LaMarr Photography)

“Hidden Voices: African American Writers in Wisconsin” will be held Saturday, Jan. 20, 1 p.m. at Lakeview Library, 2845 N. Sherman Ave.

Join three Madison-area African American writers – poet Fabu, novelist Sherry Lucille, and playwright and novelist Catrina Sparkman – as they discuss their poetry and prose in relation to the work of three African-American literary giants who also lived and worked in the Madison area during the 20th century: novelist Jean Toomer, playwright Lorraine Hansberry, and poet Sarah Webster Fabio. Experience poetry, prose, and drama that will shed light on what it means to be African American in Wisconsin today, yesterday, and tomorrow through a multimedia presentation about the work and lives of these literary artists and their interpretations of race in Wisconsin.

Written by Madison365 staff