A new pair of spectacles can be more than better eyesight.

It can be a fashion statement and give pride in Native heritage, as well.

The new frames are available at Ho-Chunk Clinic Optometry, from the AYA line and the Native Vision line, according to said Ho-Chunk Health Care Center Doctor of Optometry (OD) Rachel Lundberg.

Each have a distinct Native design on the bows, and each is produced by Native-owned companies.
The AYA frames, created by designer Claudia Allen, are rather abstract native designs.

The Native Designs frames have distinct cutouts in the form of animals, such as horses, bears, and other cultural connections.

“This might appeal to Ho-Chunk people who identify with a particular clan, such as a bear design for someone who is a member of the Bear Clan,” Lundberg said.

The frames have been in the optical shop for about a month and a fair number of them have been sold, she said. Low cost glasses can be good quality too.

Health Department Director Ona Garvin and Wally Apland, director of finance, suggested getting the frames, having heard of their availability through other native people, Lundberg said.

With each set of AYA frames sold, a portion of the sales is donated to children’s breakfast programs throughout the country.