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Julia Arata-Fratta sworn in as Fitchburg mayor

Julia Arata-Fratta takes the oath of office as Fitchburg Mayor. Photo by Robert Chappell.

Fitchburg’s first Latina mayor was sworn in Tuesday in a brief ceremony before the City Council’s organizational meeting.

Julia Arata-Fratta, elected earlier this month, took the oath of office first in English, administered by City Clerk Tracy Oldenburg, and again in Spanish, administered by Alder Joe Maldonado.

“Today is a very emotional and important day in my life,” Arata-Fratta said after being sworn in. “Nearly 19 years ago when I arrived in this part of the world, I never imagined that one day I would be here speaking as a newly elected mayor of this city that I call home, the city where I raised my kids and made incredible friends.”

Alder Joe Maldonado administers the oath of office in Spanish to Mayor Julia Arata-Fratta. Photo by Robert Chappell.

She reiterated her campaign promise to work with colleagues and other leaders.

“I intend to collaborate with everyone on this council, city staff, community leaders, business leaders and neighbors. I hope and I believe my professional, cultural and life experience will guide me to be an effective mayor,” she said. “The election is over and it is now time for us to move forward and work together for Fitchburg residents … This year we celebrate 40 years as a city. We are a diverse and growing city with incredible parks, infrastructure, farmland, diverse industry, great staff and 31,000 neighbors. Let’s celebrate our city together and move forward with our community.”

Arata-Fratta is the first mayor to take the oath of office in the newly-named Frances Huntley Cooker City Council Chamber. Huntley-Cooper, who was mayor from 1991-93, was on hand for the ceremony.