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Madison Juneteenth 2023

Juneteenth in Madison (Photo by David Dahmer)

Madison’s annual Juneteenth Celebration at Penn Park will take place Saturday, June 17, 11 a.m. at Penn Park. Juneteenth is dedicated to the celebration of the lived experiences and accomplishments of Black Americans historically and presently here in Madison and across the nation. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the rich history of Black Americans through various forms of entertainment, lectures, performances, exhibits, visual presentations, food, music, and other activities.

This year’s event host, Kujichagulia Madison Center for Self-Determination, will be officially commemorating the 158th year of the Juneteenth Day Celebration in the United States on Saturday, June 17, at Penn Park. The theme will be “Juneteenth 2023…Black Resilience: Collective Liberation and Transformation.” Organizers are looking for volunteers for the event in many different capacities.