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Kasich Pulls Some Ads Out Of Wisconsin

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich

MADISON, Wis. -Republican presidential candidate John Kasich confirmed he is pulling some radio ads out of Wisconsin Monday.

At a campaign stop in West Salem, Kasich told reporters the campaign wants to focus on areas where the results look more promising.

“We put our resources where we think we have the best chance, and that’s all it means,” Kasich said. “We’re not running out of money, but we’re not going to spend money in places where we think the results won’t be great.”

The way delegates get handed out in Wisconsin is in part by who wins each congressional district, and a recent poll showed Kasich doing well in the Dane County area. Kasich is not pulling ads out of Madison.

Kasich also made a stop in Madison yesterday, talking to crowds about the threat of ISIS and criticizing his competitors’ plans to ban Muslims from the country and to patrol Muslim communities.

He will make another stop in Wisconsin today at an event in Waukesha.