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Letter to the Editor: Voting for pro-choice men this November


Dear Editor,

This November, we are counting on pro-choice men to be as loud as the men who have advocated for forced pregnancy and birth for decades.

Let me tell you about one such man, Mandela Barnes.

Barnes is a lot of things: he’s the current Lt. Governor and Democratic candidate for Senate in Wisconsin. He’s a champion for our environment, a supporter of public schools, and the child of working-class folks who taught him to stand with labor and fight for everyday people. Everything about Mandela Barnes separates him significantly from his opponent Ron Johnson.

Mandela Barnes is one of the strongest voices standing with us as we face the aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Mandela Barnes is a steadfast supporter of a person’s right to determine what is healthy and safe for their own body and pregnancy. As the fight for reproductive freedom intensifies, Mandela Barnes continues to show up.

More than just protesting for reproductive rights Mandela goes even further. To see a candidate running for US senate showcase his mother’s experience with complex pregnancies and support her right to access the healthcare she needed is not just inspiring, it’s necessary. We must elect men who respect the rights and privacy of women. We have to take this opportunity to elect a Senator from Wisconsin who will honor our right to choose and work on the behalf of our entire country.

This November I will proudly be voting for pro-choice men. Electing Mandela Barnes will assure the fight for safe and legal abortion is won in Wisconsin and across the United States of America. I have three daughters who aren’t old enough to vote yet and the only men I can trust with their future like Mandela Barnes are pro-choice.


In solidarity,

Ali Janae Muldrow