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Loud ‘N Unchained Black Theater Festival

Madison College and Loud ‘N Unchained Theater are proud to present the Loud ‘N Unchained Black Theater Festival on Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1.
Loud ‘N Unchained (LNU) Black Theater Festival is a free, online presentation of Black theater and performance artists. LNU Black Theater Festival will present monologues and spoken word, one-person shows, a play reading, and drag artists. All shows are closed-captioned.
Playwrights featured include Quanda Johnson, Sean Avery, Rachel Lynett & Austin Dean Ashford
Monologue & Spoken word artists: T.S. Banks, Erick Blue, Aaleh Hughes, Charles Edward Payne, Adrianna Shanklin, Rene Simon, & Lexy Ware
Drag Artists: Anya Knees, Jasper Madison, SunShine Raynebow, Mimi $anchez, & Amethyst Von Trollenberg
Actors featured: Theloa Carter, Nikko Murphy, Maia Pearson, Kailea Saplan, & Sarah Streich
Sponsored by Madison College, Loud ‘N Unchained Theater, Dana Pellebon, Broom Street Theater, & Hinckley Productions.
All shows streamed online at www.BlackTheaterFestival.com