Manny Turrubiartes

Manny Turrubiartes will receive the national Cooperative Education and Internship Association 2019 Achievement Award at the awards reception on Tuesday, April 2 in Chicago.

Turrubiartes is currently employed at Sun Prairie High School where some of his positions have included Front Office Assistant, Study Hall Supervisor, Cardinal Chess Coach, Latin Culture Club advisor, and Activities and Games Staff (Game Manager) for after-school athletic events.

“During his time as an intern, Manny consistently worked hard and asked to learn as much as possible,” said Andrea Omeja, administrative assistant to the Sun Prairie High School principal, in a statement. “He even taught me some things and shared ideas about how to better improve office processes.”

Turrubiartes is the son of beloved Sun Prairie High School staff member Antonio Turrubiartes Sr., who passed away in July of 2016 after a short battle with cancer. During 12 years at the high school, Antonio Turrubiartes Sr. worked in several different positions including at the front desk, according to a press release from Madison College, and friends and family mentioned the many ways the younger Turrubiartes resembles his father such as his smile, humor and welcoming presence. He decided to pursue a career as an administrative professional and work at Sun Prairie High School as his father had.

In fall 2016, Manny enrolled in Madison College’s Administrative Professional associate degree program and he completed his internship at Sun Prairie High School in spring 2018. Instructors nominated him for the CEIA Achievement Award, for students who show excellence in applying the knowledge and skills learned in their college education to their internship.

CEIA recognizes distinguished achievement and excellence by annually recognizing students, educators and employers who have excelled in or made significant impact in work-integrated learning. Awards are given in areas of student achievement, research excellence, outstanding employer contribution and outstanding educator contribution.