K.I.N.G. Kronos took home the Male Artist of the Year at last year's Madison Hip-Hop Awards.

The 6th annual Madison Hip-Hop Awards will be held Saturday, Nov. 7 at The Barrymore Theater.

The Madison Hip-Hop Awards (MHHA) were founded in May of 2010 based on an idea by Andy “Mr. Paparazzi” Huynh, Mark “ShaH” Evans, and Dexter “Tefman” Patterson as a response to the need to bring positive attention to Madison’s talented and dedicated Hip-Hop scene.

The Madison Hip-Hop Awards ceremony is a not-for-profit event. Throughout the planning process for the first MHHA, organizers recognized multiple areas where the Hip-Hop community can use their art to enhance the general community and founded the local non-profit agency Urban Community Arts Network, Ltd (UCAN). UCAN’s mission is, in part, to empower and unify youth and adults in the Madison area using urban arts, specifically Hip-Hop.

For more information, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @MadtownHipHop, or e-mail [email protected]