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Madison Nonprofit Day returns in person Wednesday

Attendees discuss nonprofit management issues at a previous Madison Nonprofit Day. Photo supplied.

“Looking Forward” is the theme for this year’s Madison Non Profit day, which is finally making its return to in-person events after being virtual for the past two years. Non Profit Day 2022 will be held on November 2 at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center and is an all day event. 

Central to this year’s conference is the resurgence of non profit organizations and the people who work in the nonprofit sector. The event asks attendees and participants, What do you and your organization need to revive, rejuvenate, and prepare? 

Attendees discuss nonprofit management issues at a previous Madison Nonprofit Day. Photo supplied.

As founder Alnisa Allgood explains, “We want it to focus on how things can get better and where there’s opportunities to make a difference.” 

Not only will the event ask this question, but will aim to provide the resources to do so, including panels on public speaking, the use of clean energy in non profit work, and workshops helping non profit organizations adapt their social media presence to the current advertising landscape. Organizers hope to make a wide variety of resources available to nonprofits, especially smaller ones so that they have the tools to grow and adapt to the current media space. “I think most of our workshops and sessions and stuff like that are.. always good, and we’re always trying to push the boundaries on them,” Allgood said. 

Another highlight of the event will be the collaborations that happen by having different parts of the nonprofit sector in the same place. Collaborations rising from organizations working on similar issues or some willing to share resources with others. Allgood mentioned that some influential collaborations have risen from networking done at past events. 

Allgood added that not only is this an event to help non profits network but to provide them time off for professional development. 

They’re working hard daily. They don’t get to be celebrated or recognized for the good work that they do,” Allgood said. This was partially her motivation for founding the event in the first place: to be able to give recognition to those who work in non profit organizations in and around Madison. 

Panelists discuss nonprofit management issues at a previous Madison Nonprofit Day. Photo supplied.

As for what she’s excited for this year, Allgood points to the keynote speaker for this year’s event, Gigi Stahl, current Equity Diversity and Inclusion Program Specialist at the Stevens Point Area Public School District. Another highlight to this year’s event is the final panel “The Who, What, & How of Successful Collaborations,” examining the benefits of collaboration and how to deal with conflict that can arise from them. 

The event’s collaborators and sponsors are excited to be able to bring this conference back to the Madison community in person, which they believe will create a space for those in the non profit community to come together and collaborate with one another. Tickets are available at https://madisonnonprofitday.org