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Madison West Still Investigating Alleged Racial Slur by Teacher

Madison West

An investigation into a Friday, November 16 incident in which a teacher allegedly used a racial slur against a student has not yet been resolved, though the school has put a long-term substitute in place and provided support for students, according to an email sent to parents Monday and obtained by Madison365.

The email from principal Karen Boran said the school held a voluntary staff meeting on November 19 to provide an update on the investigation and that Black staff had met separately to discuss their feelings and concerns. The Black Student Union convened a student discussion, and Boran and assistant principal Lori Schacht DeThorne had visited the suspended teacher’s classes “to discuss the situation with those students, and answer their questions the best that we could.”

“The investigation has not been resolved,” Boran wrote. “Once that occurs, we’ll update you on that status. A highly qualified long-term sub in in place in the teacher’s classes. Hate and hateful language has no place anywhere, but especially in our schools. It cannot be tolerated. Thank you for your support as we navigate these complex waters.”

The incident took place the same day that a Hamilton Middle School teacher resigned following a November 1 incident in which she repeatedly asked a seventh grader, the only African American student in the class, “How would you like it if I called you a n*****?”

District officials also say a substitute teacher has been permanently barred from teaching in the district after using a racial slur at Madison East High School.

District officials have declined to give details of ongoing investigations. Anyone with additional information can email news@madison365.org.