Madison365 Week in Review for July 9


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    colleagues-437024_960_720We added more job listings — check them out or pass the link along to anyone you know looking for work!





    The Madison365 Academy got underway, training 10 high school students and recent graduates in journalism. The first week culminated in the publication of 10 strong opinion pieces:

    • Lupe Salmeron thinks people who grow up in Wisconsin should pay in-state tuition, regardless of immigration status.
    • Damitu Hamda explains how the American police establishment has become a platform for white supremacy.
    • Sie’Anna Mitchell says oral contraception should be available over the counter in order to reduce the barriers to access.
    • Ivanna Sanchez-Vinueza wants us to consider the real cost of our clothing.
    • Teeaisia Hoye says the American Dream is still alive, but just barely — thanks to crippling student debt.
    • JahKiah McFarlane asks whether child celebrities are better off than others (probably not).
    • Chelsey Erstad says the right to vote is too important to take away from someone, even if they commit a crime.
    • Maiko Thao says school dress codes just reinforce outdated sexist attitudes.
    • Jared Biddle lays out some numbers that show what looks like pretty clear bias in the criminal justice system.
    • Symonia Donaldson urges parents not to judge their kids based on the standards of a previous generation.

    Next week, they’ll write profiles of important community leaders. Stay tuned! Madison365 Academy is made possible by financial support from Madison Community Foundation, American Family Insurance Dream Foundation and CUNA Mutual. If you’d like to support this program, it’s easy to make a donation!

    anjiplayAlso this week, One City Early Learning became the first American early childhood education center to implement an innovative new curriculum from China.



    P_AFOTS long viewThe Art Fair on the Square is trying to diversify.




    GretchenROchaOne of the police officers injured in the Dallas shooting is a recent graduate of Madison College, on the Dallas force for only a month.






    reach_out_and_read01-1170x790Abigail Becker from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism looked into the connection between poverty and brain development.



    P_CopsmeetingIn light of recent incidents in Madison and across the country, the Boys and Girls Club hosted an event to help teens and adults know how to interact with police.



    cemetery-with-white-crossesPastor Josh MIller wrote simply and eloquently, regarding the tensions and violence between people and police, “This has to end.



    friendsOur editor Dave Dahmer tried to help white people understand the black outrage over the arrest of Genele Laird by flipping the script.



    In other news …

    The suspect in the Dallas shooting has been identified as 25-year-old former soldier Micah Johnson. He was killed in a standoff with police.

    The Root columnist Lawrence Ware examines the hypocrisy inherent in the white response to police killings of black men.

    El Hispanic News examines the unique challenges faced by undocumented victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, and other acts of violence.

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