Madison365 Week in Review for May 6


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    Unapologetically Bria Bea wants to know how you handle your inbox … cuz hers is not handled. At all.

    P_IMG_4898 (1)A day full of events celebrated the opening of the UW Black Cultural Center.



    5556707246_86017711d7_bA new exhibit called “Zulu Time” opens today at Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.



    DSC_0145Forward Community Investments officially opened its Milwaukee office.



    GasStoreGroceriesThe effort to open a grocery store in the Allied Drive food desert seems to have stalled.



    20170420_MAdams_SSmithMadison College honored two students with Diversity Awards.




    Darlene HornerVera Court community leader Darlene “Big Momma” Horner was remembered fondly after she passed away this week.



    File_000Women in Focus awarded $40,000 in scholarships last weekend.




    MCMMadison Children’s Museum is making access to its low-cost membership program much easier.



     El Día de los Niños is today!




    SheltonEvansBeloit native and mentoring expert Shelton Evans answered our 12 questions.



    KOVAL2Columnist Amelia Royko Maurer says Police Chief Mike Koval must be held accountable for his words and actions.



    P_BernieBros093Columnist Matthew Braunginn took a look at race and the “alt-left.”



    In other news

    The police officer who shot and killed Jordan Edwards has been charged with murder.

    Black Harvard students are having their own graduation ceremony.

    Some Chicago alders want police to be better armed.

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