Madison365 Week in Review for November 18


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    Founded in 1992, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s LGBT Campus Center recently celebrated 25 years of programming!



    Edgewood College received an “Islam 101” crash course from journalist and comedian Aman Ali, last Wednesday.  



    A new initiative “Tales with Big T” aims to increase literacy rates among Madison’s youth of color.



    The mission of new bike tour, titled “Tour of the Latino Family” hopes to diversify Madison’s bike paths.



    After recent win, the undefeated Badgers football team earns its spot at No. 5 in new poll.



    Tensions continued to rise during Fitchburg City Hall’s Budget Amendment hearing, which led to to walk-outs and threats of police intervention. Mayor Jason Gonzalez later apologized.



    Forward Community Investments announces Program the Parks, a Milwaukee-based program as the recipient of the Game Changer grant.



    An ongoing feud with a community volunteer leads Fitchburg Alder Dorothy Krause to release 70 pages of unredacted police reports in a Facebook group and via email to a reporter.  



    A coalition between the Indian Community School of Milwaukee and Indigenous community leaders embarked on a mission to push for Indigenous Peoples’ Day at the state’s capitol earlier this week.


    Local firefighter Mahlon Mitchell launched his campaign for governor this week, calling for “all hands working” in his mantra turned campaign slogan.



    Community member and creator of Meadowood Health Partnership Sheray Wallace receives 2017 Jeffrey Clay Erlanger Civility in Public Discourse Award.



    A new father’s group, created by Today Not Tomorrow Family Resource Center, gives fathers an opportunity to fellowship with other fathers while learning more about their children and building their confidence as parents.


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    Written by Madison365 staff