Michael Johnson

Some legislative leaders are pushing back against the governor’s “Stay at Home” order and threatening to take legal action and to fire the Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm, according to several news reports. 

I recently learned there is a rally with over 3,000 people scheduled to attend on Friday at the state Capitol building urging the governor to reopen the state. 

In my opinion, bringing 3,000 plus people together in this environment is dangerous, reckless and irresponsible. You don’t have to agree with the ‘Stay at Home” order, but scientists, the CDC and the White House are giving these guidelines to keep us safe. 

The organizers also have every right to assemble, but asking large groups of people to gather during this pandemic is putting people’s lives at risk including police officers and those not attending. 

As of last night, there were over 4,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, over 1,000 people hospitalized and more than 300 people that lost their lives to this virus in Wisconsin. Please listen to our healthcare providers and government leaders during these challenging times. If you know someone attending this rally, encourage them to rethink their strategy and use a different method to advocate their views because this could be a potential death trap for so many of our neighbors. 

The economy and our businesses can bounce back but if you lose your life in the process you are out the equation. I share this message out of love and respect for humanity and understand the pain this pandemic is causing, but please use good judgment and common sense, Wisconsinites.