TOWN OF SYLVESTER, Wis. – A local municipal clerk is being called out for a recent Facebook comment. In a now-deleted post, Town of Sylvester Clerk Lynn Lokken suggested using lynching as punishment for a crime. The comment was posted just weeks ahead of her re-election.

Lokken commented on a news outlet post detailing homicide suspect Dariaz Higgins, who is accused of killing Sierra Robinson on March 11, and taking off with his daughter Noelani Robinson. The 2-year-old was found dead over the weekend.

Lokken commented on the incident on Facebook, writing, “what makes me mad, is we have to spend taxes to take care of him. I think hanging tree should be brought back.”

A number of people reacted to Lokken’s post. One person wrote, “maybe you want to find another job.”

The post and Lokken’s profile are now removed from Facebook. News 3 Now visited Lokken’s home in Sylvester. Her daughter said she was aware of the situation but would not comment further. She said her mother is currently recovering from surgery.

Sylvester is a small municipality in Green County. Green County Clerk Michael Doyle said he was unaware of the post. He believes Lokken has served in her role for two terms. She is running unopposed in this spring’s election.

Lokken did not immediately return our request for comment.

The Town of Sylvester is 40 miles south of Madison.