The NAACP chapter in Atlanta is calling for football fans across the country to stop watching the NFL until a team is willing to sign Colin Kaepernick.

“There will be no football in the state of Georgia if Colin Kaepernick is not on a training camp roster and given an opportunity to pursue his career,” said Gerald Griggs, the vice president of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter, in a statement. “This is not a simple request. This is a statement. This is a demand.”

The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP announced a boycott of the NFL due to the ongoing unemployment of Kaepernick, who made headlines for his controversial decision to kneel rather than stand during the national anthem last year. Kaepernick has remained unsigned by an NFL team after opting out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers. While it was thought that several teams were considering the former Super Bowl quarterback, none have given him a shot this year.