A community effort brings a new community mural, “Hope Finds a Home,” to Bayview Apartments

    “Hope Finds a Home” mural (Photo courtesy of Bayview)

    The Bayview community has existed for over 50 years, situated in the triangle of South Park Street, Regent Street, and West Washington Ave., and the great history of the area has served as the inspiration for a three-story mural now displayed on an apartment building at the corner of Regent and West Wash.

    The project was created with support from the Madison Community Foundation, Dane Arts, and Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation. A ceremony to dedicate the mural will take place at 720 W. Washington Ave. on Thursday, Oct. 5 at 5 p.m.

    A child helps to paint the “Hope Finds a Home” mural on fabric before it was installed on an apartment building. (Photo: Bayview)

    The mural, titled “Hope Finds a Home,” came from residents of Bayview considering what home meant for them and imagining their contribution to the community art piece as a reflection of their experience living there. Arts and cultural programming stand out as core focuses in Bayview’s mission.

    An artist team of Amy Zaremba, Alicia Rheal, and Sharon Tang worked with residents to conceptualize the piece, finding themes of nurturing, growth, and family arise within the community, according to a press release from Bayview. While the neighborhood and surrounding downtown may have changed rapidly at some times over the years, residents felt pride in Bayview’s longstanding history and continued journey forward. 

    The design was painted onto polytab mural fabric last month and the artwork has been installed on the Regent Street-facing side of the new apartment building at 720 W. Washington Avenue. 

    To learn more about Bayview, visit their website here.