Do you have a racist uncle who is always posting questionable racist things on the Internet? He may be finding himself in more trouble than he thinks with the invention of a website that has been recently launched in order to anonymously expose alleged “racists” to rest of the world.

The site, called Hello Racist!, is designed to “expose racism, fight ignorance and be the place where people of all races, religion, and political beliefs can share their stories.”

Users can post links or upload screenshots of online exchanges that they feel includes racist content. People can subsequently rate the level of racism and leave a comment on the post. The posts contain memes, videos, online conversations, and personal accounts of racism.

Because of constant threats of violence, the founder of Hello Racist!, has chosen to remain anonymous, but they told The Huffington Post in a recent article: “Exposing racists is so important in today’s time though not just to try and change people. But because there are still a surprising number of people who are racist who really shouldn’t be because of who they are and what they do professionally. Who, if they are racist, they have the potential to ruin people’s lives when they let their racial biases and prejudices creep in and affect their professional decisions and judgments in ways that are completely incomprehensible and illegal.

“And that really shouldn’t happen in today’s society,” they continued. “I’m speaking about people who serve society in roles as police officers, teachers, public officials, doctors, bankers, realtors, judges, CEO’s, and others. It’s very critical information to understand if people filling important roles in society are racist and are making decisions and judgments that affect people of all races. The site operates as a public service announcement in that regard. These types of people need to be outed and fired/removed.”

The founder of Hello Racist! also told The Huffington Post that when some people are confronted and called out on their racism, it actually does change them.

“They become ashamed and embarrassed. But they learn not to do it again. People learn to be racist,” they said. “And I like to believe that most people at heart don’t really believe in racism or subscribe to it. They just are because that’s what they learned to do and were never told not to or confronted by anyone to tell them that it’s wrong.”