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nINA Collective celebrates four years, a growing team, and growing opportunities


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The nINA Collective is celebrating its  fourth anniversary with a growing team, and an invitation to the larger community to join them in creating a community of practitioners invested in advancing racial justice in Wisconsin and beyond.

The nINA Collective is a multi-racial group of consultants who work with individuals and organizations to advance change initiatives. During the launch of the nINA Collective in March 2020, they were inundated with requests to work with organizations to advance racial equity as our country was reeling from the police killing of George Floyd and our globe was reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic. It soon became clear nINA wanted and needed to grow their community, gifts and impact.

Meet the newest members of nINA!

Armando Hernández, brianna sas-pérez, Caitlin Yunis, Charisse Daniels-Johnson, Erika Rosales, Jasmia Hamilton, Monica Caldwell, Mathias Lemos, and Sara Alvarado are the newest affiliate members of the nINA Collective; joining together with directors ananda de oliveira mirilli, Colleen Butler, Jacquie Boggess, Jordan Bingham; Alia Stevenson, and affiliates Annette Miller, Erika Nelson, and Courtney Reed Jenkins.

“For four years now, we’ve been aligning our work with our values, which has naturally drawn remarkable members into our circle,” said nINA Director and co-creator, ananda mirilli. “By embodying our practices, we organically attracted practitioners eager to enhance their impact through the nINA community. Last year, we formed both serendipitous and intentional connections with exceptional individuals representing diverse approaches, all of whom enthusiastically accepted our invitation to collaborate on innovative paths toward advancing racial justice and belonging. Through our Community of Practice Membership, we aspire to continue forging relationships with transformative leaders. Celebrating four years of growth with this exceptional team fills us with immense joy!”

nINA’s mission, vision and values resonated with our newest members as they actively work to advance racial equity, disappointed with performative and transactional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and desiring an opportunity to co-create a new way of being in the work. When asked to become part of what we are creating, they were excited to bring their gifts and wisdom to new ways of working collaboratively. Here are some thoughts from some affiliates:

Armando Hernández

“I truly resonate with the nINA Collective’s  framework to deconstruct, decolonize, co-create, and collaborate… Racial equity cannot be done alone. It needs to be done alongside people who are authentically committed to antiracism. This is what Nina Collective offers to me: a real community of talented and innovative thinkers who are driven to transform from a place of real humanity and desire for justice.” Armando Hernández

Jasmia Hamilton

“My personal experiences and professional work has led me to believe that it is important to be in the realm of possibility. I do not believe that racial injustice, violence, and domination are the natural order of humanity. I believe that people deserve to live with respect, dignity, and have fulfilling lives. I believe that this state of being requires collective individuals, communities, and societal structures to design and behave differently…I am committed to learning more and testing ‘what works’ for racial equity.”

Rachael DeCruz

nINA Collective’s “mission deeply resonates with me and is aligned with how I approach all of the change work that I’m a part of. I’m a firm believer that if we continue to do things the way we’ve always done them, we’ll continue to replicate the status quo.”

A space for individuals and organizations to learn, innovate, and prototype solutions to advance racial equity & Belonging.

The nINA Collective continues to build new ways of working together that envision justice and belonging for all people. This is why the nINA Collective is launching a community of practice for individuals and organizations to work collectively on advancing racial equity.

As individuals committed to racial equity, shared humanity and belonging, we need space to think critically, apply theory, ask questions, challenge assumptions, and build something new.

Sign up online to join the nINA Collective’s Community of Practice at www.ninacollective.com/membership. Also, if you are in the Madison area, join us March 14th, 6pm at Robinia Courtyard, 829 E Washington Ave in Madison, WI to celebrate with us, meet our team, and to learn more. RSVP here.