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OPINION: My message to the Muslim world: If Gaza genocide doesn’t unite you to build peace and harmony, then nothing would 

Masood Akhtar

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With your own eyes, you are witnessing the unprecedented destruction of Gaza. How many more innocent lives do you want to see lost before you wake up,  unite, and act?

While the public all over the world is marching on streets demanding a permanent ceasefire, and I very much appreciate that, it would not stop the killing and continued occupation by Israel’s right-wing government that treats Palestinians as non-humans and, at best, third-class citizens in the nation of their birth until you act.

This must stop. And this must stop now.

Unilateral support of the United States for Israel, including $155 billion in unconditional aid as of today, is playing a major role in this genocide.

The killing of innocent people always produces more terrorists, not peace activists.

What can you do to stop this genocide and build peace and harmony globally? Use the power of oil, and money, unite 25% of the world population of Muslims as one force, and act immediately before its too late.

In the short term: Demand a permanent ceasefire immediately and the establishment of a Palestinian state governed by Palestinians and not by Israelis or Hamas.

To accomplish this mission, immediately1) end the Abraham Accords Peace Treaty signed between the United Arab Emirates and the state of Israel on August 13, 2020, 2) end oil export to all foreign countries that are unilaterally supporting Israel; 3) boycott all products from businesses that are also unilaterally supporting Israel, 4) provide all humanitarian aid badly needed to save innocent lives-You do not need any money from any other country, and 4) ask Israel to pay for the construction of all the buildings that it had destroyed.

Ask yourself a question: Who first created Hamas and Osama Bin Laden, for example, as their allies, and then designated them as terrorists?  One day, you could also be the victim of this long-term planning and strategic thinking by some non-Muslim countries if you are not careful who you are partnering with.

You continue on this path until a Palestinian state is established and governed by Palestinians only.

In the long term, get involved in politics.

American political system is a “legal bribery” system at its best, but it is open to all. Others who have millions and billions know it and use it to benefit themselves, their communities, and their countries as well.  You should capitalize on this opportunity as well.  Create a powerful lobbying organization in the United States with full financial support from American Muslims until this system is abolished.  And politically, only support those candidates of both parties who want to build peace, and harmony, and not hatred and division in this world. You never lose if you use this bipartisan strategy.

Encourage Muslim candidates in the United States to run for public offices at local, state, and national levels and the lobbying group can provide all the resources they need.  Once elected, Muslims at all levels will then be at the Table, and not on the Table.

Muslim votes in Swing states in America like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania can make a difference in American politics nowadays.  Identify Muslim liaisons from each of these states and the lobbying group can provide them with all the resources they need to support candidates in their states who are willing to build peace and harmony.

Reform the United Nations and abolish the veto power of a few select countries – Work closely with non-Muslim world leaders to reform the United Nations and abolish the veto power, to ensure that major decisions are made with supermajority votes. Countries with veto power, such as the United States, should not be allowed to misuse their veto power by blocking actions supported by more than 90% of other UN countries.  Lobby the UN to develop a policy of circumstances when a country can be attacked. This would certainly help protect the lives of innocent people and establish peace and harmony throughout the world. Unfortunately, America has a tendency of invading countries, overthrowing leaders in exchange for oil and natural gas, and destabilize the nation region.

Build Think Tanks – I see terrorism everywhere, but it’s called terrorism only when terror is carried out by a Muslim. Then it doesn’t stop there. It’s immediately associated with Islam and called “Islamic Terrorism.”  People who do not know much about Islam believe that Islam teaches terrorism, and thus all practicing Muslims are terrorists.  If a similar terror act is carried out by a non-Muslim, it’s never associated with their religion. This double standard of America causes significant safety concerns for all peace-loving Muslims and thus the hate crimes against Muslims in America have increased substantially in the last several years.

You need to establish Think Tanks, and Islamic Institutions in the United States so that accurate information can be provided about Islam – a religion of peace -, and Muslims.  These Think Tanks should also provide accurate information about the history of the creation of Israel, and the root causes of bloodshed in that region, and organize panels on this timely topic worldwide.

Media – Most, not all, mainstream media is getting polarized and biased in America.  Fact-based messaging is very critical as it resonates with the general public and is badly needed.  Support only those media that provide fact-based information and establish your own media, including social media, presence in America.

Build the future of Palestinians – Start providing education and jobs to Palestinians and thus build their future.  Uneducated and unemployed people, particularly youth experiencing social injustices and inequalities, and loss of immediate family members during the genocide, become terrorists or targets for terrorist organizations for recruitment.  Economic insecurity is certainly a breeding ground for hate, as one of my colleagues, a former white supremacist, told me.

Establish and fund student exchange programs for Palestinians and Israelis (A grassroots movement) –  Palestinians and Israelis have lived together peacefully in the past.  They can do the same now I am confident if they don’t become the victims of our current politics of hatred and division.  Work with American academic institutions to establish and fund such programs starting with high school students from the Middle East where these Palestinian and Israeli students not only live in one room with two beds (one for Palestinian and one for Israeli) but work on a project of common interest.  This is possible in America and not back home. I promise you I will be the first one to donate to this great cause.

Become a role model for peace – As I always say, if you see something, say something, and do something.

You have been commanded by Allah to do what is good and forbid what is wrong.  Let me remind you what Quran says, “Allah will not change the conditions of people until they change themselves.”

Occupation, terrorism, and hate are world problems. We need solutions. And we need them now. You could be that solution if you could unite, and then act with one force.

This strategy would not only stop this genocide by Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East, but this could also lead to protecting your own countries from such future atrocities and the lives of 1.6 billion Muslims now to nearly 2.8 billion in 2050 around the globe.

In addition, these efforts would also lead to building peace and harmony. Thus, one day you could become a role model for other countries to follow. Take your first step today.

If the Gaza genocide doesn’t unite you to build peace and harmony in the world, then nothing would I am afraid to say so.

Allah bless you and those who are committing to work with you to save the lives of every innocent person on this planet, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, color, or even political affiliation and building peace and harmony by replacing hate with love. Ameen.