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OuttaDeeBox Podcast: Coo Coo Cal’s journey from Milwaukee’s Streets to Hip Hop Triumph with Antonia Anderson


When the beat of Milwaukee’s streets meets the rhythm of resilience, you get a legacy like Coo Coo Cal’s. Our latest chat with the hip-hop maestro Calvin Bellamy, better known as Coo Coo Cal, isn’t just any conversation—it’s a master class in transforming hardship into harmony. From spinning records at underground parties to climbing the charts with “My Projects, Coo Coo Cal lays down the track of his life, sharing how his early albums laid the foundation for a career that’s as much about beats as it is about making a difference. His journey has been a symphony of success and struggle, echoing through the streets from Baton Rouge to Germany and back to Milwaukee, where the city’s pulse beats strongest.

There’s something inherently cinematic about Coo Coo Cal’s story—so much so that it’s sparked the creation of “The Rise and Fall of Coo Coo Cal,” a documentary that lays bare his trials with addiction and his path to redemption. The idea of giving back rings loud in our conversation as Coo Coo Cal shines a spotlight on local talents and the unwavering support of the Milwaukee hip-hop community. He doesn’t just make music; he makes waves that could soon crash into theaters with talks of “My Projects: The Movie.” And let’s not forget the props he gives to Homer Blow for uplifting the local scene, highlighting the collective crescendo of a community coming together to lift its own.

Echoing through our discussion is the timbre of thanksgiving—Dee Star’s induction into the Milwaukee Hip Hop Museum by curator Antonia Anderson is not just a personal accolade but a testament to his deep-seated commitment to Milwaukee’s youth. His passion for empowering the next generation reverberates with every word, stressing the importance of creative support and the potential within Milwaukee’s vibrant culture. It’s a rallying cry for change and a plea to recognize the untapped talents that walk the city’s streets. As Dee Star’s story unfolds, it’s clear that his music is a vessel for progress, a beat that can’t be stopped, and a message of hope for every kid looking for a way to rise above.