Pivotal Conversation for Change: Virtual Discussion Circle will take place Tuesday, July 28, 5-7:30 p.m.
Hosts of the event will be Tania Ibarra and Mark Richardson from Step Up – Equity Matters

The double pandemic of ongoing structural racism and COVID-19 is forcing us to face century-old injustices and inequalities. We can’t ignore that these times are challenging and yet we are all so afraid to make matters worse that we avoid the opportunities to collectively process these difficult times. Join us for a discussion circle to hold space for each other to acknowledge that the only way forward is together. Together we can heal, together we can take action, together we can commit to a new normal. online or in person (social distancing guidelines apply).

This will be a virtual discussion and attendance will be capped at 45 people. Zoom link and information will be sent in the event confirmation email.